Helping Anesthesiologists Maximize Physician Revenue

Anesthesia is a unique specialty that demands a group of specialists to handle your practice management.  Park Medical Management's experienced staff provides efficient and effective reimbursement services so you can focus on practicing medicine.

Whether your practice consists of one provider, or a large group, CRNAs, AAs or physicians, we can handle it. There have been many changes in anesthesia billing over the past 30 years, but one thing that hasn’t changed is our dedication to your practice.


Experts in Hospital Outsource Billing

Park Medical Management works closely with hospitals to obtain maximum reimbursement leading to a smaller hospital guarantee or stipend to the practitioner. We know this is crucial to a hospital's bottom line today.  Our goal is minimize the amount your hospital pays out.

We don’t just handle the easy cases or write-off the difficult ones. Our team diligently works to obtain reimbursement, many times even after the hospitals have deemed it uncollectable. Denials, follow-up, multiple calls to carriers, patient statements - whatever it takes.

Credentialing is a top priority for us.  We credential with all carriers because we understand if the provider is not in the necessary networks, payment may not be made resulting in unnecessary lost income.


What sets us apart? WE CARE.

Our professional, experienced staff is fully dedicated to providing you with fast and dependable practice management solutions, complete with friendly, personal service.



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Educational sessions provided one on one or to your group as needed or requested.


As difficult as the practice of medicine is today, the last thing you need to worry about is your reimbursement. We quickly and efficiently process your reimbursement claims for worry-free billing and account management. We provide timely and aggressive follow-up on all claims for maximum reimbursement.



Park Medical Management stays current with the ever-changing industry of medicine. We maintain the latest knowledge of insurance carriers’ reimbursement policies to make sure that you are properly and fairly compensated. Our focused team of claims specialists ensures all denials are worked until resolved.



We have a vested interest in your success, treating each account as if it were our own business. Our results-oriented staff is driven to provide you with top quality service and maximum reimbursement.

Twenty-Six years of provider referrals is testimony to our reputation and work ethic.




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