Worth the Wait

Park Medical Management’s team is always committed to doing the right thing for our clients. Recently, one of our dedicated team members won a fight against a claim from 2018. Yes, you’re reading that correctly—two years’ worth of work!

Sure, we may have lost money, but it was the right choice to see this through for our client. The payer, however, was not too happy because they had to go back two years to reprocess claims for each provider who treated the patient.Related: st george utah airbnb with private pool, iron chef america host dies, list of car accidents in texas yesterday, saint to pray to to quit smoking, lululemon investor presentation 2020, real estate revenue streams, arma 3 increase vehicle speed, genworth training webinars, julia laurette randall, will there be a pyewacket 2, crawfish beignets brenda’s recipe, cameron harrison university of south alabama, woodford bridge country club restaurant menu, jacksonville heights crime rate, the three are living a married life manhuascan,Related: star trek icheb actor controversy, georgia death row inmates 2022, cascade county sheriff candidates, what did smurf do to julia, chronological report features, unsolved murders in hannibal mo, xavier: renegade angel phone booth script, lebron james childhood home, disk utility first aid time machine, demond wilson preacher, doordash unable to verify payment information, 3 bedroom houses for rent in paducah, ky, home for sale in amarillo, tx 79107, california nonresident sale of partnership interest, debra lerner cohen,Related: former ktvx news anchors, avengers fanfiction peter intern meets team cap, por cuanto fue el fichaje de deyna castellanos, hightower high school shooting, cheap hotels in phoenix, az, analyseur syntaxique d’une phrase en ligne, examples of blind obedience, ocoee police active calls, daniel besen wife, change move goal on iphone, party wear saree with stitched blouse, accuracy international, , monmouth medical center long branch, nj phone number, when to euthanize a dog with ivdd,Related: difference between ex officio and de facto, ccac baseball tournament schedule, mysql transaction if statement, for king and country lgbtq, gary muehlberger funeral, fountain life membership cost, brett married at first sight houston teacher, jr de guzman comedian net worth, lake worth monster picture, lftp vs sftp, what happened to ziggy on roseanne, jane felstead husband, circus brumbach escape, map of hells angels territory, blue slate chippings morrisons,Related: ohio state volleyball coaching staff, charmaine black ink fight, brae burn country club membership cost, 65 not working, does jeff green have a nba championship ring, birtwistles funeral service great harwood, wellspring capital news, richard luke rothschild family, jonathan webb appharvest net worth, skywest pilot training pay, john cena wipeout salary, joe garagiola cause of death, vineland daily journal obituaries, usain bolt bench press, angela gonzalez estrella tv,Related: lord thompson manor owners, donald norcross staff, comedy central roast 2022, apex, nc mugshots, flea market flip master craftsmen eric, shore larae gable, m42 junction 9 closure, owen vanessa elliot, jobs for 14 year olds in alabama, glossophobia statistics, awaiting carrier pickup for a week, military star card statute of limitations, missed call from police department, sheraton grand seattle parking fee, who are lidia bastianich’s grandchildren,Related: ph of pantene shampoo, cherokee county sample ballot 2022, low income housing fort smith, ar, mandarin oriental gym membership, breaking news camden, tn, taco bell covid policy for employees, norris lake island camping, 2019 topps heritage rookie cards, rob roy macgregor descendants, mercer pension contact, does nas own his masters, friendswood police scanner, is trumpet vine poisonous to cattle, jacksonville homes for rent, youth lacrosse camps 2022,


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! But oh yeah…deductibles have started again.

I cannot emphasize the need for practices to collect deductibles strongly enough, especially at this time of year. Deductibles are getting higher and higher in an effort to keep premiums down, and office visits are frequently subject to that deductible. We do our best to encourage providers who see patients in the office to set a protocol for verifying benefits prior to patient’s arrival, so they can collect at the time of visit. These days, patients are more educated, and they expect to pay more out of pocket.

Don’t let these opportunities pass you by to increase daily receipts.Related: tropical rainforest pick up lines, obituaries wisconsin milwaukee journal, roula and ryan roses real, glennville funeral home obituaries, lisa true life jersey shore, summer olympics 2022 dates, joshua goldberg jonah brother, vitamin deficiency easily startled, granville county sheriff resigns, , neptune and uranus conjunct ascendant, does little bill have cancer, venom gyre vs spectral throw, dish society menu calories, 26 inch spoke wheels for harley,Related: bob monkhouse died, unsolved murders in grand rapids, michigan, maling af glasfiber indvendig, matcha latte dunkin recipe, uscg a school wait list 2020, ronseal garden paint tester pots, lake city, fl obituaries, 2020 bowman baseball hobby box, random word list separated by commas, what does deed category type placement mean, clear creek county shooting ban, alberta williams king grandchildren, michael baker joan benny, depaul basketball roster 2022, 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It’s Not My Job…Or Is It?

How many times does the phone ring before someone answers it? Are there daily phone assignments in your office? Does someone calling to pay a bill get tired of holding and finally hang up?

In the interest of increasing receipts, these could all be major obstacles. While constant phone calls can be a nuisance, they are important. Make sure calls are answered promptly and that patients are greeted with a friendly voice. Patience is also key in answering questions when helping the caller pay their bill on the phone.

As tempting as it may be, don’t dodge the phone. We have a sign in our office that says, “It takes the entire team.” Everyone gets a paycheck, and it takes the entire office to ensure receipts to make that payroll.

Create a teamwork environment in your practice, and you’ll see a difference.Related: orlando health call out policy, anita groowe before surgery, does vanderbilt medical center drug test employees, hotels with heart shaped tubs in california, repton school dubai careers, moulay hafid baba net worth, ivybridge to plympton bus timetable, the woman next door, gta 5 kosatka controls xbox one, seneca county accident reports, cibc capital markets director, rojon bengals and sokoke, average sick days per year by country, robinson funeral home pineville, la obituaries, how to use alba tv without remote,Related: the statement of owner’s equity should be prepared quizlet, boudreaux’s pasta lafayette recipe, deleterious alleles are eliminated from populations by, seacoast church scandal, quentin lenig garret rodriguez, local crime news unpublish, benjamin moore cedar key exterior, difference between game changer and team manager, denise yabut patricia cojuangco daughter of tony boy, porter loring 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The Importance of Your Providers’ CAQH Profiles

These days, insurance credentialing and an up-to-date CAQH profile go hand-in-hand. The Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare (CAQH) is a non-profit collaborative alliance of the country’s leading health plans and networks. This online database offers a one-stop shop for insurance payors to access information about each provider with a profile.

Because so many payors are now using CAQH as part of the credentialing process, it’s vital that providers’ profiles stay as current and accurate as possible. For some payors, the initial credentialing/enrollment process is much less complicated when a provider has a CAQH profile. Having a CAQH profile can tremendously cut down on paperwork because most required information for enrollment can be found through CAQH.

CAQH requires review and re-attestation every 120 days, but it’s beneficial to make updates anytime they occur. For example, a renewed malpractice policy or license should be updated in a provider’s CAQH profile as soon as possible, as payors may access that information if re-credentialing and re-validation is near. Maintaining a re-attestation schedule on your calendar is not only useful, but extremely important for all of your providers.


Auto-post….Friend or Foe?

My answer is both. While auto-post is a definite time saver, it is to be used with respect. The allowed amount should be correct based on your contract. If you don’t already know this information, do yourself a favor–study your contracts and make sure the correct allowable is entered in your system.

If the allowable is less than your contracted amount, your system should flag the entry for follow up. In a timely manner, contact the payer to have the line item reprocessed for the correct amount.

As easy as it is to use auto-post, the payment report still must be reviewed.

Whether it’s a denial or an incorrect payment amount, this is one step you really can’t ignore or put on the back burner, as most payers have timely filing deadlines for denials or adjustments.


Tennessee Medical Association Breaks New Healthcare Ground With Legislative Win

Provider Stability Act First of its Kind in the U.S.

NASHVILLE – Tennessee doctors are praising a new state law that adds much-needed financial predictability in contracts between health plans and healthcare providers. The Provider Stability Act passed unanimously in both chambers of the Tennessee General Assembly and was signed by Governor Haslam on April 5.

Senate Bill 437/House Bill 498 was sponsored by Sen. Bo Watson (R-Hixson) and Rep. Cameron Sexton (R-Crossville). It requires health insurance companies to give a 60-day notice to a healthcare provider when reimbursement rates change, if such changes are a result of a policy change at the sole discretion of the payer. It also limits fee schedule changes to once in a 12-month period, and requires a 90-day notice of those changes.

The Tennessee Medical Association, which represents more than 9,000 Tennessee physicians, has pushed the measure since 2014.

No other state currently has these types of provisions in place.

“This is a huge win for physicians and all healthcare providers in Tennessee,” said TMA President Keith G. Anderson, MD of Memphis. “TMA listened and has responded to members’ growing frustrations by bringing some stability and predictability to the marketplace.”  Medical practices, hospitals, health systems and other healthcare providers enter into contracts with health plans to spell out exactly what will the insurer will pay for healthcare services provided to patients covered by that health insurance plan. The contracts are routinely written to allow insurers to lower payment at any time, for any reason.

“The intent of the Provider Stability Act from the very beginning was to have health plans honor network contract provisions and stop the one-sided, ‘take-it-or-leave-it’ rate cuts that threaten physicians’ financial stability, and disrupt patient care,” said Dr. Anderson. “When doctors cannot afford to incur an unexpected change in reimbursement from a health plan they may be forced to stop providing a procedure or drop out of the network altogether. Patients suffer by having to pay higher “out-of-network” fees for the same service if they want to continue seeing their doctor, or find another doctor who is in their insurer’s network. The new law will reduce these scenarios and help protect the important patient-physician relationship.

TMA said passage of the Provider Stability Act was made possible by member physicians, medical practice administrators and others who made calls, wrote letters and emails and visited Capitol Hill to speak directly with legislators about the issue. Several other organizations also supported the effort, including the Tennessee Hospital Association, Tennessee Medical Group Management Association, Tennessee Radiological Society, Tennessee Chiropractic Association, Tennessee Orthopaedic Society, Tennessee teaching hospitals, practice administrators and nurses.

Learn more about TMA’s legislative efforts at tnmed.org/legislative.

About the Tennessee Medical Association
TMA is the state’s largest professional association for physicians, serving more than 9,000 members. We improve the health of Tennessee by bringing all physicians together in efforts to continually improve effectiveness of physician care and ensure proper policy to serve the best interests of patients and the profession. tnmed.org

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Tennessee Medical Association
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Don’t do it…don’t do it…

Don’t see patients until you know enrollment in their network is complete. Physicians are notorious for seeing patients at a new location, opening a new practice or performing new procedures without checking with the billing department first. I recently heard of a physician who started seeing patients in a new state, and then submitted charges to the billing department. You can imagine the shock and surprise when they received the billing tickets. To say things were kicked up in to high gear is an understatement!

You should allow a minimum of 3 -4 months to get all the credentialing in order, and you must be prepared to face some delays. In some instances, you will need to credential your group and then link individual providers to that group. Make sure you have qualified personnel or outsource this project because credentialing is not for the faint of heart.



Let’s chat about denials. As I’m sure you know, claim denials can cause huge problems for your practice. Filing the claim is the easy part, the tricky part is working the denials that come in. Through absolutely no fault of your own, denials–both legitimate and in error–are going to happen. They range from an easy fix, such as wrong DOB for patient, to a procedure that’s not medically necessary, and then many times the denials are in error. I recently saw one insurance company deny anesthesia claims for coronary artery bypass graft because of medical necessity. Obviously that claims processor has never had open heart surgery! The point is this totally necessary claim will cost man-hours to get it paid, when it should have been paid automatically. Regardless, you must work these denials, or I can guarantee that your practice will suffer.

When we are called in to help a practice, one of the most common problems we see is that the denials are not being worked. And, keep in mind, most payors have a timely filing limit for denials. It’s not fun, and while it’s time consuming, it’s also necessary. Nothing should be billed that you don’t expect to be paid. Therefore, no line item should adjusted off without good cause, and the payor’s “DENIED” is not a valid reason.

–Pam Stopher, CPC, ACS-AN
Park Medical Management, Inc.


TMA Offers Guide for New Credentialing Law

From the Mid-South MGMA:

New legislation that impacts the insurance credentialing process for physicians goes into effect January 1, 2016. A new TMA resource provides a helpful guide to the new law. For several years, the TMA advocated for passage of legislation that would permit physicians going through the credentialing process with health plans to be reimbursed for services provided to those health plan members during the credentialing process.

The rationale was that at least 99% of physicians are eventually credentialed with health plans, but the process can take several weeks, even months, to complete. Practices overwhelmingly expressed that they would gladly risk having to reimburse the plan if their physician was not eventually credentialed. In 2015, legislation passed to address this situation. TMA has created a comprehensive guide to the new law. The TMA legal department also produced this video to explain the new law, which can be found here.


ICD-10: The Beginning of a New Coding Era

Well, here we are on October 1, 2015, the beginning of a new coding era. The world is still round, the sun is still shining and Congress didn’t stop ICD-10 implementation at the 11th hour as some had hoped.

At this point we’ve all studied, practiced, tested and done all we know to do to prepare for this day. The truth is that we won’t really know the full impact of ICD-10 for a few weeks, once the payors have started processing claims and they are actually adjudicated. We’ll all feel much better once we see DOS 10/1/15 on the ERAs and and big fat PAID stamp in red at the top.

In a few years, we’ll all look back and vaguely remember that we were hesitant to make the switch.

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