Worth the Wait

Park Medical Management’s team is always committed to doing the right thing for our clients. Recently, one of our dedicated team members won a fight against a claim from 2018. Yes, you’re reading that correctly—two years’ worth of work!

Sure, we may have lost money, but it was the right choice to see this through for our client. The payer, however, was not too happy because they had to go back two years to reprocess claims for each provider who treated the patient.Related: st george utah airbnb with private pool, iron chef america host dies, list of car accidents in texas yesterday, saint to pray to to quit smoking, lululemon investor presentation 2020, real estate revenue streams, arma 3 increase vehicle speed, genworth training webinars, julia laurette randall, will there be a pyewacket 2, crawfish beignets brenda’s recipe, cameron harrison university of south alabama, woodford bridge country club restaurant menu, jacksonville heights crime rate, the three are living a married life manhuascan,Related: star trek icheb actor controversy, georgia death row inmates 2022, cascade county sheriff candidates, what did smurf do to julia, chronological report features, unsolved murders in hannibal mo, xavier: renegade angel phone booth script, lebron james childhood home, disk utility first aid time machine, demond wilson preacher, doordash unable to verify payment information, 3 bedroom houses for rent in paducah, ky, home for sale in amarillo, tx 79107, california nonresident sale of partnership interest, debra lerner cohen,Related: former ktvx news anchors, avengers fanfiction peter intern meets team cap, por cuanto fue el fichaje de deyna castellanos, hightower high school shooting, cheap hotels in phoenix, az, analyseur syntaxique d’une phrase en ligne, examples of blind obedience, ocoee police active calls, daniel besen wife, change move goal on iphone, party wear saree with stitched blouse, accuracy international, , monmouth medical center long branch, nj phone number, when to euthanize a dog with ivdd,Related: difference between ex officio and de facto, ccac baseball tournament schedule, mysql transaction if statement, for king and country lgbtq, gary muehlberger funeral, fountain life membership cost, brett married at first sight houston teacher, jr de guzman comedian net worth, lake worth monster picture, lftp vs sftp, what happened to ziggy on roseanne, jane felstead husband, circus brumbach escape, map of hells angels territory, blue slate chippings morrisons,Related: ohio state volleyball coaching staff, charmaine black ink fight, brae burn country club membership cost, 65 not working, does jeff green have a nba championship ring, birtwistles funeral service great harwood, wellspring capital news, richard luke rothschild family, jonathan webb appharvest net worth, skywest pilot training pay, john cena wipeout salary, joe garagiola cause of death, vineland daily journal obituaries, usain bolt bench press, angela gonzalez estrella tv,Related: lord thompson manor owners, donald norcross staff, comedy central roast 2022, apex, nc mugshots, flea market flip master craftsmen eric, shore larae gable, m42 junction 9 closure, owen vanessa elliot, jobs for 14 year olds in alabama, glossophobia statistics, awaiting carrier pickup for a week, military star card statute of limitations, missed call from police department, sheraton grand seattle parking fee, who are lidia bastianich’s grandchildren,Related: ph of pantene shampoo, cherokee county sample ballot 2022, low income housing fort smith, ar, mandarin oriental gym membership, breaking news camden, tn, taco bell covid policy for employees, norris lake island camping, 2019 topps heritage rookie cards, rob roy macgregor descendants, mercer pension contact, does nas own his masters, friendswood police scanner, is trumpet vine poisonous to cattle, jacksonville homes for rent, youth lacrosse camps 2022,